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> How do I search for a Property?
> How do I Navigate my Search results?
> What is the map gallery?
> Who do I contact if I have a question?
> How do I create a mailing list or labels?
> How do I create a abutters list?
> What is the Select tool?

How to Navigate Search results

A Multi criteria Search
User can search for a name, Street, house
number or Parcel ID Number
User can search only one criteria

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How to Navigate Search results

Search Results

Parcel Details - Ability to view property information such as year built and many more - Data derived from Assessor's CAMA database.

Quick Maps - A pre-generated 8.5 x 11 pdf with parcel outlined in red. An easy way to print a map.

Prperty Card - On demand property card with full detailed information about the property - If the parcel contains more than building, ability to generate information on secondary structures in currently not active.

Zoom to GIS - This link will open a new webpage navigating you to the parcel you selected in the search results.

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Map Gallery Information

Map Gallery

The Town of Suffield, CT has provided the public with the ability view and download town approved maps.
Maps are generated by the Towns GIS consultant, municipal staff and private sources.

As well as direct links to other GIS website resources.
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Who Do I Contact?

GIS Administrator

83 Mountain Road
Suffield, CT 06078

email: Assessor

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Mailing Info

Mailing list capabilites from search results

Currently the portal does not have an export list feature.

The interactive mapping search results do have the option to export to an excel sheet or a standard avery address label pdf.

The can be found on all search results.

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Abutters Info

Abutters Mailing List derived from linear distance from the geometric perimeter of the selected parcel

From the portal, select zoom to GIS from any of your search results and click on the interactive parcel.

This pop up will have general information and the area to request an abutters list.

Options to export to excel and pdf is available as wella as printing a map of abutting parcels.

Multi select Parcel tool

This tool allows a user to randomly select a group of parcels and create a mailing list.

Start by pressing the multi select tool located on the top tool bar of the interactive website.

Then start selecting the parcels that will be part of the mailing list and once you are complete, double click the last parcel you selected and a new window will appear with the information you requested.

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